Property Managers Are Governed by the Following Acts When It Comes to Managing Your Property

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Did you know that as property managers we are governed by the following acts, laws and regulations when it comes to managing your property?

Residential Tenancies Act 1987
Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978
Code of Conduct 2016
Strata Titles Act 1985
Australian Consumer Law
Privacy Act 1988
Discrimination Act 1991
Building Regulations
Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984
Fair Trading Act 2010
Road Traffic Act 1974
Transfer of Land Act 1893

Even with so much legislation many areas can still be open to interpretation or as we like to call it “grey areas”. We wish it was as simple as securing a good tenant and receipting the rent – but it isn’t! We keep abreast of and abide by legislative laws and keep up to date with the constant changes.

Agents and individuals that do not keep up to date can put their properties, owners and tenants into a real minefield of risk.

Our team of Property Managers at The Property Exchange have over 70 years’ experience in real estate and property management and consider this their career. With this experience and knowledge base your most valuable asset is in good hands.

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