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It’s the age old question, should I allow pets in my rental property?

We understand that due to personal preference or allergy issues that pets are simply a no-go for some owners, and that is completely okay! However, if you have been throwing the idea around, we say go for it and here are some reasons why:

  1. There is a huge number of excellent tenants out there who are trying to find a new home, but are struggling because of such an entrenched “no pets policy” in the West Australian rental market.
  2. When a property is marketed as “pets considered” we are finding that we are seeing MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount of prospective tenants coming through the home opens compared to equivalent properties that have “Sorry, no pets”.
  3. Allowing pets can increase the amount of rent achieved on your property.
  4. Generally, we find pet owners to be much longer term tenants due to the scarcity of pet friendly rental properties.

Any pets listed on an application are thoroughly referenced checked, just like their owners, so a well-informed decision can be made as to whether they are suitable to reside in your investment property.

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A thorough pet clause annexure is signed by the lease holders which outlines their responsibilities and holds them accountable for pets in the property. The Residential Tenancy Act 1987 allows for a $260 pet bond to be taken on pets that can carry parasites – the pet bond can only be used for fumigation at the end of a tenancy, should your tenant fail to arrange a fumigation themselves. Any other damages would be deducted from the standard bond equalling 4 weeks rent. In our experience it is very rare to note damages caused by a pet at the end of a tenancy.

A good managing agent will be inspecting the property 4 times a year and thoroughly checking the condition of the property so as to report any concerns with the pet and give suggestions on how to handle the matter.

If you have any questions around allowing pets in your property or if you want to view the pet annexure before making a decision please feel free to contact me or your property manager for a chat.

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