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The dirty word you dread hearing from your Property Manager!

Under our duty of care to you, we advise you of all maintenance items reported by your tenant or seen by us at an inspection. While some maintenance can seem trivial, we have seen and heard of small maintenance items turn into a problem; sometimes serious, sometimes expensive and sometimes just plain annoying. There have been drownings when pool fences have not been maintained, expensive ceiling collapses when gutters haven’t been cleaned and annoying when a door handle falls off, is lost and a replacement to match can’t be found.

The moral of the story is that timely upkeep of your property is important not only for the above mentioned reasons but also keeps your tenant happy and fingers crossed will help them keep them in your property long term.

Did you know that Tenancies have been terminated by magistrates when a property hasn’t been maintained, and compensation ruled in a tenant’s favour?

Is your property “Winter Ready”? Do your gutters need cleaning or the evaporative air conditioning need shutting down? Let your Property Manager know if you would like anything attended to from one of many reputable contractors.

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