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Well it’s that time again – The Mayoral Elections… and who the heck do we vote for? It’s hard when you are put in the position of having to choose someone to represent your community but you really don’t know them from a bar of soap.

Do you believe what they say?
Do you believe what they promise in the papers?
Do you believe them when they say they LOVE Subiaco, or Claremont, or wherever they are touting themselves?

Well I believe that the only way you can properly choose a candidate is to either meet them personally and make your own judgment as to their authenticity, or to get recommendations from people that you trust and believe are in tune with what is going on in your electorate. In some cases you can look into their track records – checking out track records can sometimes produce some particularly interesting data and be a clear warning signal to avoid a candidate.

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Picture by Arnaud Jaegers via Unsplash

There are some general rules I do and useful and one such rule is the more a candidate pressures you to vote for them, the less you should consider it. Ones that promise you the world when they are not in control of it, is another clear warning signal, and ones that have a fragile relationship with the truth should be avoided at all costs.

To me the ideal Candidate in any electorate is someone who is pro-active, balanced, respectful of others opinions, innovative and adaptable. They generally want to see their community thrive and know how to accomplish it. They are willing and able to implement ideas that are going to make their community happier, safer, user-friendly, attractive and they put their community above their own ego.

This is the type of person I would want to represent me, not someone who is politically and financially driven or makes false promises to attain votes.

Choose well… it’s a four year sentence!

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Source: Who Can You Believe, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 10 October 2017.

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