Living In Subiaco : Dear Subiaco Council…

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I am writing to you today, along with your neighbouring councils to kindly ask if you could make an effort to bring back some life to our Western Suburbs instead of repressing it.  We would like to have more personality like our brothers and sisters in Fremantle, Mount Lawley, Northbridge, Mount Hawthorn and Maylands.  Just think about the accolades you will receive if you could deliver to us a thriving, bustling upbeat suburb that people cannot resist visiting? Now I have some suggestions that I hope you will embrace, and I am sure you have your own good ideas, but let’s start with these.   Can we please stop with the silly regulations about letting people sit outside coffee shops and small bars, stop counting chairs, measuring pavements and give these businesses some freedom?  If something becomes a problem, let’s address it then, not pre-empt it.  Can we have more buskers in the Western Suburbs, and let people sell their small homemade wares on the street? Give them a little patch of ground and let them do it – don’t charge them – they’re an asset.  And shopkeepers please don’t moan about them not paying rent and competing with you – that’s rubbish, it’s all about bringing people into the area to come into your shop too.  Can we take out that ugly kerb in the middle of Rokeby Road?  Keep the trees but that kerb is a shocker.  Can we not charge people to put flowers outside their shop to brighten it up? – You should pay them instead. Can you ensure that our Heritage buildings (and I mean all old buildings) are not destroyed for more flipping units that we don’t need and won’t need for another decade? When The Pavilion Market site was sold out to developers, the heart of Subiaco was lost. I don’t know where the $25,000,000 went but I think you should acquire create a stunning international style gourmet covered marketplace as a major drawcard to the area.  Please let an expert from Europe plan it as I don’t think we need another “Coventry” in Subiaco.

Can we please limit the number of banks, building societies and optometrists along Rokeby Road and encourage co-operative shop sharing to produce interesting, eclectic, boutique style shopping which would thoroughly complement the “olde worlde” feel to the area rather than today’s bland, “cookie cutter image”.  Congratulations to Napoleon Street in Cottesloe for this image – you’ve done well in this regard.  Now you need to work on the beach.

When you’re planning parking in Subiaco can you think about it a little more carefully? Take Subi Centro for example. What’s with the car parks that take one and a half cars? That was brilliant planning.  You could have put three slightly angled car parks in the same spot if you’d thought that through.  Can we ban Wilson Car Parks from Subiaco?  I won’t say anymore on that.  Can you please be very very careful what you decide about the oval? You are treading on dangerous hallowed ground here.  No apartments and no wave parks please.  We have a stadium – let’s keep it and attract uses for it – not demolish it and then sit on your hands.  It’s a great amphitheatre for world class acts, it’s a great training ground and it’s a great events venue so let’s renovate it and promote it!

Finally please Mr Council – can we do everything we can to bring people back to Subiaco and stop driving them out? We need more Bistro Felix’s, Witch’s Cauldrons, Juanita’s wine bars, Little Pantry cafes, in fact we should be infested with them.  We need more George Boutiques, Green Grocers, Fish Shops, Butchers, Bakeries and less Coles and Targets – too late for that I know but please Stop Right There!  Oh…and by the way – I am happy to take on a job with you in an advisory capacity – unpaid of course, so I can offer guidance on other decisions you may be about to make.

Yours Sincerely

Niki Peinke.

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living in subiaco

Source: Living In Subiaco: Dear Subiaco Council…, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 30 May 2016

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