First Scammers, Now “Skimmers” : Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

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Guess what? There’s a brand new industry, and it appears to be thriving! It’s the ultimate “middle man” syndrome. It’s where you can’t actually think of anything to produce yourself so you decide to choose other industries and squeeze yourself in between them and their customers. They make out like they are doing you, the customer, a great service by recommending the best people for you to go to in whatever it is you’re looking for. Choosing a real estate agent is not so easy anymore.

Take for example; you want to sell your house in say, Rockingham. So you Google – “Best agents in Rockingham”. Up comes a number of websites which purport to tell you the best agents. They ask you for your details and where your property is and then send you 4 or 5 agents to choose from. They then contact the agents to say “We have a lead for you”! They know nothing about these agents or how they operate, or how good they are – it’s based on absolutely nothing. You could get those agents yourself off the internet or the yellow pages. Then if you end up using one of these agents, then the agent has to pay them around 20% of their commission – for giving you a “lead”.

Personally I think it’s nonsense. If you are looking for a good Agent, check out who’s selling the most in your area. Check their websites and see how they project themselves there – that will give you a hint as to how they will project your home. Go to a few Home Opens and see how they are presenting their homes and how they conduct themselves. And please, don’t choose an Agent who slashes their commission to get your business because those Agents never get you the best price – if that’s how they negotiate their fee, that’s how they’ll negotiate your sale.

So…watch out for the “Skimmers” – people who skim the cream off the top of other peoples incomes for doing absolutely nothing, apart from showing you a few statistics. Unlike other “brokerage” type professions, there is no research done here, there is no knowledge of the product, there is no advice offered and there is absolutely no substantiation for their referrals so please don’t get “sucked in” to providing an income for someone who does not deserve it. Just call REIWA and ask for their recommendations – they have all the statistics you will ever need…at no cost to you or your Agent!

Here is some help with the decision making by these 10 essentials questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent.

Niki's Column First Scammers - Now Skimmers

Source: First Scammers, Now “Skimmers”: Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 16 August 2016

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