6 Best Clutter Busting Tips For Every Home Owner!

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Keeping a house clean is a never ending task. Try these 6 best clutter busting tips to ensure your home looks like a display home at all times.

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TIP #1

Find the problem areas. You’ll know them when you start to look for them. The piles of newspapers or magazines, the bench tops that attract little bits of disparate nothing, all the dust-covered heaps of household orphans…


TIP #2

Do the thing you loathe most – first! By tackling clutter that usually stumps you straight away, you free up energy for the rest of your cleaning efforts. Don’t underestimate either, the satisfaction of decluttering an area that actively makes you feel annoyed, guilty or overwhelmed.



Get together systems for dealing with your incoming clutter. Try for instance, the one paper method. Basically – any single scrap of paper that comes through your house gets looked at once and dealt with straight away – in most cases filed, turned around, or binned!

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Also consider having a box in which you store the clutter you’re uncertain about and pack it away. Set yourself a due date and if, after a period of time, you haven’t MISSED ANYTHING then it’s clearly past its expiry date – get rid of it! Give it away, bin it, recycle it or find someone who needs it, will use it and appreciate it!


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Designate proper homes for any flotsam and jetsam clutter that drifts endlessly around your home without ever washing up to its rightful place.



When you’re cleaning and tidying, carry a basket around with you in which to put all clutter. These items can be sorted and restored to their rightful locations later. It will speed your cleaning process and make it easier to keep up momentum.



Give yourself rewards for dealing with clutter. You’re the person who knows you best so find something nice you can treat yourself with after you’ve done battle with the clinging claws of clutter! Even if it’s just five minutes on the couch with a good book – reward yourself so that you feel inspired to keep dealing with it on an ongoing basis, until your home is sold.

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