The Bureaucratic Beast

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Is it just me not being well versed or tolerant of protocol, or is this town and indeed this whole country being slowly strangled by red tape, indecision, lack of accountability and just general ignorance?

It seems that nobody in Government can offer up a well thought out strategy, explain it to the “Common People” in an open, transparent and concise way and then, heaven forbid get to the point of actually carrying it out.

I am not pointing any direct fingers here, it runs through the entire bureaucratic system, but I have to say if anyone at our Government Departments were to be in Private Enterprise they would be dead broke and out of business by now. Most are overstaffed, overpaid, underutilized and totally economically unviable – which I guess is why as a country we are so far in debt – admittedly not the only country.

So why is it that Government just can’t seem to be able to balance the books? Personally I believe that it’s because they are stingy on the one hand with anything that will benefit the country but on the other hand are willing to waste millions of dollars on seriously bad decisions which they then have to “buy” themselves out of.

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If I come back to Earth in my next life I think I will be a “consultant”. This seems to be an immensely popular job with any Government Department, as they constantly call on them to make all their decisions, and it appears you don’t have to know much about anything to be one! Plus… they get paid a fortune for this very cushy job. So yes please – I’ll take that (for myself of course, not for my country)!

So how do Government bodies get away with achieving so little and costing so much? I guess because they are their own point of reference and there’s no one to tell them what to do. We seem to think that we need to do what they tell us but this is not necessarily correct. Most people can’t be bothered challenging them because they baffle us with bureaucratic rubbish that nobody understands, hide behind their own agenda’s, allow themselves to line their own pockets and then it all comes undone when they find each other out.

Governments should be here to run the country, keep good relations with other countries defend our assets and beliefs, encourage its people to contribute to their country and support the ones who cannot. They need to run it like a private enterprise to make it work and they need to explain what they are doing in plain English and why they are doing it. Then perhaps we could learn to respect them.

They should not be telling us how to live our lives, or make rules for everyone based on the lowest common denominator or take away individuals accountability, or impede free expression. They should also not punish those who put their necks on the line and start their own business that employs people (so don’t get me started on “payroll tax”).

So… all you Government bodies take a hard look at yourselves and see what you are really contributing and ask yourself… am I worth it? Am I making a really positive difference or am I just making everyone’s life hell and rotting the system? We could be such a strong, resilient and amazing country of we gave more, took less and worked together rather than backstabbing at every turn and putting up obstacles to every great idea. Let’s give it a go and see where that gets us!

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Source: “The Bureaucratic Beast”, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 16 August 2018.

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