I received an offer much below my sales price. My agent say I should take it, what do you think?


I have my property on the market at the moment for $1,180,000. I have just received an offer after 3 weeks for $1,080,000 and my Agent is urging me to accept it because it’s a cash offer. I think the buyers have a nerve coming in this low and I can’t believe my Agent wants me to accept it so early in the programme. Shouldn’t they be working for me here?

Well obviously I don’t know the property, but I’d suggest that your Agent probably is working for you here. This is where not taking your first offer can cost you in the long run. You have just had your most opportune 3 weeks on the market and you have received just one offer within 10% of the asking price – this is not bad at all in this market. History shows that your offers will most likely go down from here. You can always counter the offer, but you risk losing your buyer. Cash offers are also hard to come by at the moment. So if you’re serious about selling, I’d be listening to your Agent’s advice if I were you.


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